Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Digital portfolios for students -- Three Ring

I was reviewing my notes from the iPad Media Camp I attended the last three days and was reminded that Wes Fryer had very briefly mentioned a tool named Three Ring when asked about how to create digital portfolios for students.  I had never heard of it, but I looked at the website tonight and this looks like a wonderful, easy to use tool.

With Three Ring, it will be very easy to make a student portfolio of anything that can be photographed or videoed using my iPad.  I went to the website, signed up for a free account, and set up a dummy class. Using my iPad, I took a photo of mock student work, tagged it, and in less than a minute it was on my computer.  The image was only stored on my computer, not on the iPad.  Wondering if I could use the image, I discovered that the image or the url could be copied from Three Ring.

Next, I tried a short video.  This, too, quickly transferred to my computer.  By opening the video in a new window, I would grab the link, insert it here, where it could be shared.  I wondered if I could upload the video to my blog, but the best I could do was link to it.  Again, the video is not stored on my iPad so is not there taking up valuable space.

Here's a how to video from iPadagogy.

Something not mentioned in the how to video is that Three Ring can also be used to share artifacts with parents if parent emails have been associated with a student.  This could be a very nice tool, especially for sharing videos since they can't be viewed directly from my blog.  

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